The Dullness of Hurt (a poem)

​In dark hours ​we used to do this dance
around each others notions of right
Less than a minute’s worth of substance
​replete with lethargy
Neither of us reaching for the light

Sometimes we’d open doors together
And see things that weren’t really there
Like two souls intertwined forever
​Weren’t we exemplary?
Didn’t it appear we had time to spare?

Then ​confusion battered us senseless-
​the violence of silence, the dullness of hurt
​of cold infidelity and wanton betrayal-
​But when love screamed
we covered our ears ​and said nothing overt

​Far from different we reconciled similarities
To rekindle the fire we personalized
Lovers blind to their conspicuous disparities
Two of us embraced
watching the same old drama colorized.

Failed efforts to salvage a friendship adrift,
manage the damaged alliance we arranged
rummaging through cliches to rectify the rift
Weren’t we a pair?
Emotions estranged, dispositions deranged

©2013 Baye McNeil



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