We look up to her
from our prone position
We plant our poles
and unfurl our flags
And plant seeds in her
that won’t reach fruition

She parades her heavenly body
around for hounds to howl at
while men admire and planets ponder
in their orbit, and the stars whisper
In unison to the universe:
She’s worthy of all that

We used to be a we, she and I,
The first goddess to get me
When we was enough–
A kiss was a promise
a flower made her mist–
her luminosity lit me

When she was full, she was full
of me, I’d ride her tide til sunrise
Mornings were melodic, free of words
mugs of blue mountain moonbeams
Tsunami in our wake, I felt her pull,
the magnetism in her thighs

When she was a quarter
In the palm of my hand
She began to misunderstand
Asking why this, why that, why the other
Eyes dimming, ripple-less water
My wish was her demand

I had no answers, no reply
I found her lunacy funny
Until I couldn’t find her
Out shining on others no doubt
Then it was I asking why
the answers no longer funny

Why can’t we light up the night
like we promised to do forever
Why do you refuse to do
What we did when things were right
Why this why that why the other
Why, the most pernicious question ever

The moon still glows at night
In the starless sky overhead
A sliver of a moonbeam slices my blinds
A frigid blade of fridgidaire
Lighting a cold night with cold light
As I shiver in the warm confines of my bed

©2013 Baye McNeil



2 thoughts on “Lunacy

  1. Hi Loco,
    Best wishes for a great year in 2013. Your recent work is powerful, passionate, and personal. I look forward to reading each new piece. Keep writing!
    With best regards,

    • Locohama says:

      The Notorious IG!! Long time no see. my friend! Thanks for the shout and the kind words yo…trying to move to phase 2, im sure you feel me! Still in the middle kingdom? Holler back

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