I’m loving me up this mountain
Climbing this waking dream I have
Through the wraiths that long to wander
And covet love they’ve lost to squander
Who seek to throw me off the path

Like anything worth being had
Gotta want it really bad

I’m believing me up this mountain
Sipping silence so sublime
The sky and sun won’t help directly
Yet send shadows that correct me
All along this lonesome climb

Risk everything, even going mad
If you want it really bad

I’m singing me up this mountain
Melodies in my mother’s voice
Though cumulus clouds shroud the summit
And ominous rumbles issue from it
My fear of fiasco yields no choice

Tears fall, for you want something you’ve never had
And you want it really bad

And now you’ve got it, this mountain’s yours!
Savor the view from your culmination
Plant your flagpole on what you’ve achieved
You’ve loved, you’ve sung, and you believed
But this is no time to take a vacation

No remorse, no regrets, you ought to be glad
When you’re a climber, life is simplified:
Gotta want it really bad!

©2013 Baye McNeil



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